Spolek MAM Prostor
U teplárny 3, 158 00 Praha 5
IČ: 04302427
Bank account number: 15000150/2010

All prices are valid from 1.1.2018 till 31.8.2021 and are final. We are not VAT payers.

Price calculation:
Number of days per month x corresponding daily rate. The daily rate is based on the number of days ordered in given month. With higher number of visits the daly rate decreases.

Number of days per month Morning block
8:00 – 12:00
Full day
1-5 days per month daily rate 260 CZK daily rate 410 CZK
6-10 days per month  daily rate 243 CZK daily rate 380 CZK
11-14 days per month daily rate 238 CZK  daily rate 315 CZK
15-18 days per month daily rate 230 CZK  daily rate 295 CZK
19+ days per month  dalily rate 225 CZK daily rate 285  CZK

Price list valid from 1.9.2021:

  • Morning block 8:00 – 12:00: daily rate 290 Kč without food
  • Full day 8:00-17:00: daily rate 330 without food

Price terms and conditions:

  • First 3 adaptationhours are FREE!!
  • The price does not include food. Snack: 20 CZK, lunch: 40 CZK. The price for all-day meals is 80 CZK.
  • The school fee for the relevant month is always collected on the 25th day of the previous month based on the invoice issued.
  • 10% off the total price when paying school fees for the whole year in advancea. 5% off the total price when paying school fees for 6 months in advance.
  • Individual extension of the child’s stay after a closing time for a fee of 150 CZK / hour upon agreement.
  • For non-walking children we offer individual care for a fee of 150 CZK / hour.
  • Payment can be made to an account number: 15000150/2010 or cash at reception.
  • Minimum 2 mornings a week

Canceletaion policy:
In the case of an absence 40% of the daily rate of each paid day will be deducted. Missed days are then transferred to the following month and will not be charged again. In case of a longer illness (14 days or more) individual agreement will be concluded. The pre-paid food is forfeited or parents can take home in their own containers.