The Project Children’s group MAM Prostor for public (CZ.03.1.51 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_074 / 0008346) is funded with the help of the European Union from the European Social Fund and the Employment Operational Program.

We have great news for you. We have lowered prices of nursery fees on a flat basis!

We have succeeded in becoming part of the Employment Operational Program, which is supported by the European Union. According to this Program, our goal is to improve conditions for the employment of parents with small children and to create equal conditions for entering a job market. The Program applies to all children aged 1 to 4 whose at least one parent is employed or has own business, or is studying or unemployed and looking for a job. We will be happy to discuss details with every parent.

Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Your child can get a quality care for a very low price! You can book a non-binding tour at 727 877 199 or e-mail to You can find the application to The Children´s group HERE.

Our goal is to build an adventure preschool for children 1 – 4 years old which is tailored to the individual needs of children and their parents. We provide children with versatile development and help parents to manage work and family needs.

  • Group of maximum 12 kids from 1 to 4 years of age
  • Tax benefits for parents and employers.
  • First 3 adaptation hours free of charge.
  • Flexible attendance already from 1 half day per week.
  • Individual babysitting possible.
  • The programme is dedicated to separation anxiety management and preparation for a “big” nursery. Educational programme follows the 4 seasons of the year.
  • Possible to start anytime throughout the year including school holidays.
  • Open Mon – Fri 8 – 17 h or upon agreement including summer holidays.
  • Quality baby food from a certified company.
  • Quiet family-friendly villa with garden close to the forest.

Education program:

  • language education (we learn rhymes and read books)
  • art education  (arts&crafts and painting)
  • physical education  (movement games, outdoors)
  • musical education (we learn to sing and dance)
  • creative workshop follows the themes of four seasons and significant holidays (eg. Christmas, Easter, etc.)

Daily schedule:

  • 8.00 kids admition
  • 8.30 warm-up exercise
  • 9.00 morning work or club
  • 10.00 morning snack
  • 10.30 outdoor stay or morning program
  • 11.30 lunch
  • 12.00 end of morning group
  • 12.30  sleep
  • 14.30 afternoon snack
  • 15.00 outdoor stay or afternoon program
  • 17.00 closing of nursery

Parents provide child with: Indoor shoes and clothes incl. spares, outdoor shoes and clothes , nappies (if needed), favourite drinking bottle. If zour child is still using nappies, please provide us with sufficient amount. Nappies will only be available for emergency use.

In our facility we offer services for pre-school aged children in under the so-called Children´s group (in accordance with Law 247/2014 Sb. about offering the service of care about child in children´s group and about changes of related laws). The provider of this service is non-profit organization Spolek MAM Prostor, which recieved the subsidy for Children´s group from EU Funds under The Project Children´s group MAM Prostor for public (CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/17_074/0008346) – from the European Social Fund under the Employment Operational Program, priority axis: 1.2 Equality of women and men in all areas, including of terms of access to employment and career advancements, reconciling work and private life and promoting equal payment for equal work. Project is realized in period 1.1.2018 – 31.12.2019 as facility for public with the aim to help parents with small children keeping up or returning to job field. This service is provided with partial reimbrusement of costs. Our children´s book MAM Prostor is registred in Register Children´s groups MPSV as facility with capacity 12 children. You can find more details at